Remember Isaac?

This little piggy was found alone on a levee, facing the floodwater of Hurricane Isaac in the fall of last year. The piglet was transported to an emergency shelter in Plaquemines Parish, just south of New Orleans, where RedRover Responders volunteers deployed to help care for horses rescued from the storm. Named after the hurricane that threatened his home, “Isaac” was the only piglet at the barn. He stayed in a crate at the entrance where he greeted all visitors with his happy, little grunts.

Though scared and new to his unfamiliar surroundings, Isaac began to bond with Howard Edelstein, a RedRover Responders volunteer who deployed to Louisiana following the hurricane. As Isaac fell asleep in Howard’s arms one morning, Howard decided he was going to help the little piglet find a new, safe haven.

Since there were no farm animal sanctuaries in the area, Howard knew Isaac’s chances of being adopted in this flood-ravaged town were not good. After making a few calls, he offered to drive the piglet to a farm sanctuary near his home where he volunteered.

Together, Howard and Isaac went on an 18-hour car ride to Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in Poolesville, Maryland. Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary is 400 acre nonprofit refuge that offers care, rehabilitation and permanent sanctuary for farm animals.

After a long car ride filled with lots of hay and piggy pit stops, Isaac arrived safely and began his new life at the animal sanctuary where he would get enjoy “just being a pig.”

We’re happy to report that Isaac is doing well today: He’s happy, safe, and HUGE! Howard recently visited the now full-grown pig and shared photos of the day they spent together at Poplar Spring.

“He’s really grown up, and he’s very smart,” Howard reports. “He knows how to sit for treats and came when I called him.”

Here at RedRover, we know the human-animal bond is being strengthened by relationships like Howard and Isaac’s. We’re sure Isaac would give his “oink!” of approval to Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, Howard and all the caring RedRover Responders volunteers who helped him find his forever home. OINK!

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