Our RedRover Readers program is designed to prevent animal cruelty by fostering empathy in children. One teacher recently described how the program’s impact shows up in her classroom, from improving kids’ reading skills to the displays of kindness toward special needs students, pets and even stray dogs.

I love having RedRover volunteers read to my class. The lessons reinforce reading skills that we have covered in class. The lessons also teach kindness. My students are very empathetic towards our special needs students. Some students have shared stories about showing kindness towards their own pets or animals in their neighborhood.

One student told a story about a stray dog in the neighborhood. The student saw someone throwing rocks at the dog. The student thought that was mean and told the person to stop throwing rocks.

I would encourage others to sign up for Red Rover!

Learn more about the RedRover Readers program and how you can get involved: RedRover.org/Readers