What would you do if you had to choose between your beloved pet’s health and paying the bills?

Kimberly is the sole breadwinner in her household. She takes care of not only herself, but also her disabled brother, two cats, and a dog. Recently, her cat Mercy started acting strangely. The sweet feline just wasn’t himself. Kimberly had just paid the bills for the month and had very little money leftover, but she couldn’t let Mercy suffer. She took him to the vet, where he was diagnosed with a urinary blockage.

These issues are unfortunately common in young male cats, and treatment is both necessary and urgent. Kimberly was able to arrange some treatment, but Mercy was going to require a longer stay at the hospital than she was able to afford. Someone from the local humane society told Kimberly about RedRover, and she decided to submit an application for a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant. Thankfully, the vet that Kimberly had found was reasonably priced, so we were able to help cover the cost of keeping Mercy hospitalized for a few days until he was ready to go home.

After Mercy was recovering at home, Kimberly sent us a message:

“Thanks to you and the donors Mercy is doing great; he has gained weight back. He is back walking around being my sassy frisky kitty.  He loves to lay on my night stand (well, his perch, he commandeered it for himself long ago, lol). He likes to eat breakfast while I have coffee in the morning, and then scoot to the perch for some bird watching and sunning, as I head to work.

I cannot tell you how much the generosity of your donors means to me. The doctor was very clear that he wouldn’t have made it if not for your help and theirs. As you well know veterinary care can’t be done for free and vets are not able to cover the cost and in this instance, I couldn’t either. You call them donor angels and I say they are absolutely that; I can honestly say that I prayed that God would sent me help to take care of Mercy’s needs and He sent them. Grateful is an understatement, to how much I appreciate all involved. I wouldn’t have my cheeky baby, if not for your organization and your donors. I have shared your goodness with many and have told my fellow fur baby owners that if they ever get the urge to donate to an organization to please consider you. I know that I will, it may take a minute but I will be.”

Thank you for giving Mercy a second chance!

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