Hank was just eight weeks old when he joined Jessica’s family – and this “mama’s boy” has been adored ever since.

“Hank is our beloved family member,” Jessica told us. Since they had adopted him just before Christmas, he soon became known as “Hankie the Christmas Pooch.”

When Hank was just two years old, he and the other family dog, Honey, squeezed through the fence in the front yard while Jessica and her husband were at work. Neighbors reported that the two were chasing something, and Hank was hit by a car going too fast down the street right in front of their yard. Honey was missed by an inch. Hank was taken to Rocklin Pet Hospital by the Animal Control officer, where he was diagnosed with paralysis in his left leg, which everyone hoped was temporary.

But after multiple veterinary appointments and medications, Hank’s leg function was not returning. They tried some therapeutic methods and different slings to hold the leg up off of the ground, but nothing worked – especially since Hank and Honey love to wrestle, so even the sturdiest slings came off. It soon became evident that Hank needed to have his leg amputated to prevent any further complications. But after emptying their savings for the costly vet visits and medications, Jessica and her husband were out of funds.

That’s when Jessica turned to RedRover. She applied for a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant to help cover the cost of his surgery, and with RedRover’s help, was able to get Hank the surgery he needed.

After a quick recovery, sweet Hank was back to his normal self – even catching Frisbees with Jessica.

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your help,” Jessica told us. “Hank wouldn’t be half as bubbly without your assistance!”

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