Yoshi has been Sara’s silly but steadfast companion for more than ten years and was always there for her in her worst times.

“Yoshi is everything to me. He has been my best friend, my only friend, my source of comfort, my reason for living at my darkest moments. He understands me and I know him so well, how he is feeling, what he needs, how he will react in certain situations. Yoshi and I are so in sync and in tune with one another. I could go on forever about every little thing but the truth is Yoshi is my heart and soul.”

Sara and Yoshi’s decade-long bond was threatened when Yoshi developed severe dental disease, complicated by a heart murmur that made surgery with anesthesia risky. He would need to be connected to a heart monitor the entire time, and that didn’t come cheap. As his course of antibiotics finished without any signs of Yoshi improving, Sara worried about how she could afford the surgery that would save her best friend’s life.

She knew they could have so much more time together, but even giving him a kiss on the cheek caused him to cry out in pain. Inspired by Yoshi’s dogged commitment to playing with and kissing his Pug brother Jaime despite the pain, Sara applied for a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant and was quickly approved. Just like Yoshi had never given up on Sara, Sara never gave up on him… and Yoshi was able to get his much needed dental surgery.

More than anything, Sara was grateful for the opportunity to spend more time on this earth with handsome Yoshi, her “heart and soul.” These days, Yoshi is back to himself – bringing Sara toys when she gets home and giving everyone kisses.

“I don’t think there are words to describe how much Yoshi means to me or how important he is to me. He is simply love.

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