Our hearts are still with those affected by the Southern California wildfires. As evacuations continue, please share our resources for pet owners

In a year that has been tragic for so many, we want to share this video of one family who, thanks to your support, found comfort during a natural disaster knowing that their dogs were safe and sound in the care of RedRover Responders.


When Stormie, Jethroe and Bear arrived at the emergency shelter in Oroville, California, they were in much the same state as the other animals taking refuge there: shaken from having to evacuate their home and uncertain about being in a new, strange place.

Fortunately, our RedRover Responders team is a truly special group of people. They are experts at keeping animals comfortable, calm and well-loved during times of crisis. As the Wall Fire raged through Northern California, our RedRover Responders cared for more than 100 displaced pets – including Stormie, Jethro and Bear, who lost their home in the fire.

Your support helps give animals shelter and care during times of unimaginable loss – and look how grateful their people are.

I had the privilege of working with our RedRover Responders team during this emergency, and seeing the relief and gratitude from Mike, Leanne and others who came to pick up their pets – especially when they had lost their homes – was both amazing and heart-wrenching. In the midst of losing most of their belongings, they still beamed when they were reunited with their pets. 

And watching Stormie, Jethro, Bear and the other dogs come to life with wiggles and tail-wagging made me so proud that RedRover’s compassionate supporters have such immense capacity for kindness and generosity. This is why your support is critical to continuing RedRover’s lifesaving work. 

Your support makes it possible for families to find safety and comfort when they need it most. Give your special year-end, tax-deductible donation to help suffering animals in the year ahead. 

Thank you so much for joining our cause to create a kinder, more compassionate world for animals. I hope you’re as touched by this family’s story as I am.

Happy holidays,
Nicole Forsyth
RedRover President and CEO

P.S. If you like Stormie, Jethro and Bear’s video, please make your gift, then share the video with your friends who love animals. Every bit helps!