Jessie and her family consider themselves equine rescuers, and it was with great compassion and optimism that they rescued Tag #748 from the feedlot. Now named Seven, this beautiful, blue-eyed horse would have likely been purchased and used for breeding, never to be given the love and care he deserved.

She scheduled Seven’s castration and eagerly awaited the time she would spend working with and training Seven to prepare him for life as a companion, rather than a stallion for breeding. But Jessie was shocked to learn that Seven had an aggressive and painful cancer in his left eye – and the veterinarian warned that it would spread quickly if the eye wasn’t surgically removed.

Between paying Seven’s “bail” from the feedlot and having him castrated, Jessie had no money left over for the expensive eye removal surgery. Their family was heartbroken. While they dedicated their lives and all of their extra money to rescuing horses from certain slaughter and other uncertain futures, Seven’s cancer was completely unexpected. But they had saved him…they already loved him…and they weren’t going to give up on him now.

“Seven is the true definition of hope. He was meant to be here with our family. He deserves to know love and be pain-free.”

Accustomed to the diligence and patience of caring for rescued horses, Jessie and her family went to work right away raising money for his surgery. In addition to applying for and receiving CareCredit, Jessie applied for a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant, hoping to cover the last little bit she needed. An On-Call Angel made his grant possible. 

With Jessie’s hard work and dedication, Seven was able to have the eye removed before the cancer spread. At only 5 years old, he is now looking toward many more years of peace and love with his rescue family. 

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