Greg had always taken pains to give his Pomeranian, Missy, the best care possible. In 2011, he rescued her from a breeder where she had been returned after suffering abuse. Weighing in at only three pounds, Greg nursed her back to health, and their bond has grown stronger with time. Greg recently moved with Missy and her two Pomeranian siblings to sunny Florida to pursue new opportunities, and he was settling into his new routine when the unexpected happened.

Like many small-breed dogs, Missy developed severe dental disease over time. Greg knew she would need veterinary care, but with all the expenses of the move, he had hoped he could put it off a little longer. One day he came home from his new job to find Missy bleeding from the mouth. His normally spunky girl was in pain and reluctant to eat her food, but he couldn’t and wasn’t going to give up on her now.

Right away, Greg took Missy to the veterinarian to get an estimate for her care. He knew he wouldn’t have enough money himself, so he established a crowdfunding page and researched grants to apply for. Greg was approved for a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant, and was completely surprised when a few generous donors contributed to his crowdfunding page, too. In addition to getting Missy the care she needed, Greg paid his gratitude forward and donated the remainder of his fundraiser to RedRover to help animals affected by domestic violence.

“I had no idea I was going to be so blessed.” To celebrate Missy’s clean bill of health, Greg took all three Pomeranians to dog-friendly Davis Island Beach. Now free of pain, little Missy could frolic in the ocean and roll in the sand “like a sugar donut.”

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