As a pet bunny, some of Winston Smith’s favorite activities are snuggling with his guardian and hopping around his living room. But when the five-month-old rabbit’s right hind foot was injured when the family dog played with him too roughly, he found himself in urgent need of an operation to make sure he could use his back legs normally again.

There was just one problem. Winston Smith’s owner didn’t have the funds for the operation. That’s where RedRover’s On-Call Angels program came in. Anyone can donate money for pet guardians who can’t afford a costly, unexpected vet bill. Winston came home groggy from the operation, with his leg in a cast. He fell asleep in his guardian’s arms like a baby, and rested in his bed.

Weeks later, his guardian reported that he was doing much better. “His bones are well on their way to healing back to normal,” says RedRover’s Erin Bialecki. “Thanks to the operation, his guardian says he will one day be able to hop around the living room at the speed of light again.”

Thank you for making Winston’s Happy Tail possible!

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