Daisy the pittie is a loved and treasured part of her family. Her favorite human, Silas, is a young child on the Autism spectrum and is mostly non-verbal. While Daisy is not a service animal, she and Silas are inseparable, and they do everything together!

When Daisy’s family noticed she had a small lump, they took her to the vet and were told the lump was a benign cyst. The vet told them to watch the lump for any changes, but in the meantime, the cyst didn’t pose a threat and there was no reason to have surgery.

But after years of good health, Daisy’s cyst went from small to very large and infected overnight. This time, the vet told the family that Daisy needed emergency surgery to take care of the growth and infection.

Silas’s mom, Breanne, takes care of her family and works part-time, and while she could come up with much of the money needed for surgery, she needed a little help covering all of it. Fortunately, she found RedRover online and applied for a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant.

With our help, Daisy was able to have the surgery she needed within just a couple of days. While Daisy was gone at the vet, Silas was so distraught about the absence of his best friend, he didn’t want to eat or even sleep – all he could do was sit in Daisy’s kennel and repeatedly ask his mom, “Why?”

As soon as Daisy came home, the two best friends curled up on Silas’ bed and had a long and peaceful nap. Breanne let us know that she and Silas are so thankful to RedRover and our amazing donors who make this program possible!

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