Thanks to compassionate supporters like you, a Chihuahua named Lady got to celebrate her 15th birthday.

Dogs, just like people, can develop dental issues in their life (especially smaller breed dogs). But because dogs don’t typically show outward signs of dental disease, many owners may not be aware that their pets are having oral issues.

At 14 years old, Lady’s owners noticed she had issues with her teeth. She had multiple abscessed teeth, which made it difficult for her to eat and caused infection and swelling on her face. The vet had given her antibiotics to help with the infection, but her condition would only get worse without extracting the abscessed teeth.

Lady’s owners wanted to help her as much as they could, but they could not come up with enough funds to help Lady with her much-needed dental extractions. That’s when they reached out to RedRover for help.

With our grant, Lady was able to get her dental surgery – and now she’s on the road to recovery. Her family told us:

“She is back to playing and eating better and feeling like her old self again! We just got to celebrate her 15th birthday on Valentine’s Day, and we celebrated big! All this was made possible thanks to RedRover and all their donors. This meant the world to our family, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

Thank you for helping Lady and other animals like her get the care they need to survive and thrive. Their families are so grateful!

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