What if you had to choose between your own safety and the safety of your beloved pet? Every day, victims of domestic violence are faced with this unthinkable choice. For Lisa*, it was a matter of life and death.

Your support saved Tillie – will you open your heart today?

Lisa considers Tillie* her child. This gentle Pit Bull Terrier has been Lisa’s faithful and loving companion, giving her purpose to keep going even through the mental and physical anguish of abuse. Lisa’s abuser knew how much Tillie meant to her, which was why he used their bond as a control tactic: He told Lisa if she tried to leave, he would hurt or kill Tillie. Lisa was terrified. Where could she go where both she and Tillie could be safe?

Lisa got up the courage to flee, but she was devastated to learn that the domestic violence shelter where she found refuge could not allow pets. Fortunately, Lisa’s case manager had heard about RedRover’s Safe Escape grants, which help cover the cost of pet boarding while a client is in a shelter – so Tillie could find the safety she desperately needed.

The support of caring people like you turned two lives around. Both Tillie and her mom suffered from the abuse. Tillie even developed ulcers and anxiety from witnessing what was happening to Lisa. I’m sure you can imagine the joy and relief Lisa and Tillie both felt when they were reunited. Finally, they could make a fresh start and begin to heal – together.

It only takes $15 to provide an animal one night of safety. Today, invite six of your friends to donate $15 each – or make a gift of $105 – and you’ll provide a survivor of domestic violence and their pet a full week of safety. This simple act will change their lives forever.

Please help us make comfort, safety and hope a reality for animals. Show your #GivingTuesday compassion by 11:59 p.m. tonight, so we can keep more families together and safe.

*Names have been changed to protect identities

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