In early April 2016, RedRover Responders volunteers were on the ground in Pennsylvania with the Core Creek Collaborative. Working in partnership with Bucks County, Animal Lifeline, Rescue Purrfect, the PSPCA, the International Fund for Animal Welfare and local organizations, RedRover helped to implement a strategic Trap-Treat-Neuter-Place/Return program.

For over 20 years, cats and kittens have been abandoned in Pennsylvania’s Core Creek Park. The cats faced starvation, injury and other effects of mass feline overpopulation. Without intervention, the cat population in the park would have continued to increase exponentially.

Together with our partners, we worked to systematically trap and then sterilize (spay or neuter) the cats over a 10-day period. 32 of our trained RedRover Responders volunteers provided the loving care and shelter needed to over 230 cats. Our Director of Field Services, Beth Gammie, says, “I couldn’t be more proud of RedRover, Bucks County, Animal Lifeline, Rescue Purrfect, IFAW, and other local organizations for making this happen.”

Unsocialized/feral cats were returned to the park to live happier, healthier lives. Partners took as many friendly cats and kittens as possible to place into loving homes. Clean, insulated shelters replaced the park’s run-down community cat houses, and a structured feeding program has been established to continue to care for the cats who remain in the park. To help prevent the abandonment of animals in the park ongoing, law enforcement is on board to keep watch and prosecute as needed.

RedRover is proud to have been a part of this challenging, yet rewarding effort!

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