Something wonderful is happening! Educators across the country are attending the RedRover Readers online training, learning how to implement the RedRover Readers curriculum then encouraging other educators to bring this innovative program to their own classrooms. Many educators are even offering to host trainings for educators in their communities.

"I have been a teacher for more than 33 years, sat in many 'professional development' trainings and this has (by far) been one of the most professional, practical and relevant courses I have taken. I expected to get some tips and ideas for using literature to teach empathy and critical thinking skills, but this course provided me (and my students) with so much more. Karly Noel shared her expertise with the content and materials while also providing discounts, materials and links to ensure my success with this program, and its goals of building a empathetic community of future leaders and supporters for the betterment of all. I am forever grateful - thank you!"

“What a powerful and relevant program! This is a perfect example of what effective teacher trainings and professional development should be. Every educator and professional who works with children should be required to take this course!” Says Los Angeles, California teacher Susan Courtney. 

“After completing the course, and living in an area with 15 active rescue organizations, I know without a doubt RedRover is the key.” Says Paula Stude, Founder of the Wild Cat Foundation (WCF). “I have begun recruiting elementary teachers to become trained in RedRover Readers. I feel the impact and successes of the RedRover Readers program will be greater and stronger with numerous schools reaching more children simultaneously. My hope is to secure ten teachers with commitment to this program.”

Dr. Komorosky, an Associate Professor at California State University East Bay (CSUEB), attended the RedRover Readers online training recently and is now arranging an in-person training at the Hayward Campus. Dr. Komorosky said, “Thank you for such a great training. We invited our education folks and Hayward Unified and both were interested [to attend].” Dr. Komorosky has a Ph.D. in criminology, a master’s degree in psychology and a counseling background. She shared this while learning to implement the RedRover Readers curriculum: “RedRover Readers can plant seeds and allow children to learn there are other ways of interacting with animals that might be different from what is going on in their home. The program could also validate empathic feelings a child might have for animals that are not nurtured in the home.”

Jill Barker is a teacher in North Carolina who attended the RedRover Readers training and had this to share: “As an educator of elementary age children, I agree that after the RedRover Readers program, a teacher gets to know more about the students than they may have known about them before implementing the program. I think that children can and do make special connections when animals are involved. They are more willing to open up and come out with more emotion, interest and enthusiasm. I am observing this more and more in my classroom.”

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