For handsome black Labrador Buddy, going on a walk with his family is often the best part of his day. Between smelling everything in his path and trotting alongside his six-year-old human brother, nothing gives him a bigger smile or a happier wag of his tail. 

Recently, as Buddy was coming inside after a walk, the screen door accidentally shut on his wagging tail. Before his family knew what had happened, his tail had been degloved of its fur and skin. 

Buddy’s dad Codi, a member of the U.S. Coast Guard, and mom Lani, were able to get him to a veterinarian right away who amputated and repaired the part of his tail that had been injured. They thought everything would be okay…but after two weeks, Buddy’s tail wasn’t healing properly. The veterinarian warned them that the tissue of his tail was dying and that he needed another surgery as soon as possible. But they had spent all the available money they had on the first surgery.

He means everything to us. He has grown up with our son. He is our first fur baby. It really kills us to see him in pain and suffering from his injury. We just want him to be okay and healthy again.

Not willing to give up, Buddy’s family turned to RedRover for help with his second surgery. With a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant, Buddy was able to return the veterinarian to have his tail fixed up. The veterinarian was confident that, this time, his tail would heal quickly.

But Buddy had one more surprise in store for his family. Early in his recovery, he managed to get around his e-collar and chew some of his stitches out. Worried that he would need another surgery, Codi and Lani had to get creative to make sure he would continue to heal…so they attached pool noodles to his e-collar!

Now, his smile is bigger than ever! With Buddy finally on the path to healing, Codi and Lani shared their gratitude with us:

We are so incredibly thankful for the funds that RedRover gave us for this surgery! He’s known in our vet office as the pool noodle dog. We are excited to have our Buddy up and running like his normal self again. 

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