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Join our 30th Anniversary celebration!

RedRover is celebrating 30 years of putting our best #pawsforward for animals and people! Read on for ways you can help us celebrate and spread kindness in the months ahead, and read others' inspiring stories of individuals and organizations who are putting their best #pawsforward.

What does it mean to put your best #pawsforward?

Putting your best #pawsforward means spreading kindness and compassion for animals and people. This can be as simple as giving your pet some love, donating to RedRover’s lifesaving programs, volunteering at your local animal shelter or helping a friend with their pet when they need support.

You can share your own stories and photos of how you or people and organizations you know are putting best #pawsforward to help animals and spread compassion. Post your stories and photos on social media, tag RedRover and use the hashtag #pawsforward. Together, we can create a kinder world for animals and people!

How to put your best #pawsforward on social media

Please use these step-by-step instructions for sharing our lifesaving work and celebrating the act of compassion through social media.

  1. Become a fan. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see our #pawsforward stories and updates.
  2. Spread the word about #pawsforward. Search for the #pawsforward hashtag by entering it in the search bar of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, then share, re-post or retweet our #pawsforward posts.
  3. Nominate an organization or individual who is putting their best #pawsforward for animals. Send us their name, city and contact or comment on Facebook or Twitter.
  4. Support, wear and share! Buy our 30th Anniversary T-shirt and share a photo of you or your friends wearing the T-shirt on social media . Please tag us in your post and use the hashtag #pawsforward.
  5. Share your own stories and photos of how you or people/organizations you know are putting best #pawsforward to help animals and spread compassion. Use the hashtag #pawsforward in your posts.

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10 ideas for putting your best #pawsforward in your community

  1. Take your dog for a long walk or hike.
  2. Donate food or toys to your local animal shelter or rescue organization.
  3. Encourage your friends to become a 30th Anniversary Champion today:
  4. Donate to RedRover’s lifesaving programs at
  5. Become a RedRover volunteer:
  6. Tell teachers and parents about our empathy-based RedRover Readers program:
  7. Volunteer at your local animal shelter.
  8. Connect with other people at the dog park, on walks or in your community.
  9. Become a foster for animal rescues.
  10. Bake some homemade treats for your pet.

Nominations for individuals and organizations putting their best #pawsforward

For our 30th anniversary, we're encouraging everyone to put their best #pawsforward for animals and people. Want to nominate someone you know who's putting their best #pawsforward, for a chance to be featured on social media? Email us at

Recent #pawsforward Facebook spotlights:
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National Animal Care & Control Association
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my cat Kyle


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