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Humane Habits & Hobbies

RedRover’s ABC campaign encourages you to join our 3-H club and adopt a few new humane habits and hobbies. Our impact on animals and the environment is so significant and little changes we each make can really add up!

How many on the list below do you already do? Check off 5-10 new humane habits and hobbies for the coming year. Links to the right of the idea will take you to a great online resource to help you implement your goal.

Please email RedRover and tell us which habits and hobbies you’re working on. We’ll do a follow-up article in an upcoming Journal to share your 3-H progress.

  • Ask your co-workers, family and/or roommates to join you in celebrating “Meatless Mondays.” [link]
  • Buy only beauty products that are “cruelty free” – no animal testing or animal products. [link]
  • Carry a leash, can of cat food and a towel in your car in case you find a lost dog you can help get home. [link]
  • Donate your inherited fur coats and stoles to the local homeless shelter or to a local wildlife rehabilitation organization. [link]
  • Eat more local, organic fruit and vegetables – good for you, good for the planet and good for the animals! [link]
  • Find out if the local animal shelter needs blankets and organize a donation drive. [link]
  • Give a friend the gift of RedRover membership... we’ll send them a new member kit and four issues of the RedRover Journal. [link]
  • Help end cruel puppy mills by buying leashes, food and toys at pet stores that don't sell animals. [link]
  • Invite some friends over for dinner and unveil a creative new four-course vegetarian dinner. [link]
  • Join an email list that keeps you up to date on either local or national animal welfare issues. [link]
  • Keep the leather shoes that are in your closet, but try to only buy new shoes made of micro-fiber and other manmade materials. [link]
  • Learn more about an endangered species and things you can do to help protect endangered habitat. [link]
  • Mail a letter to the editor of your local newspaper when it publishes positive or negative articles about animals in your community. [link]
  • Neuter or spay the neighborhood stray cat. [link]
  • Offer to take your friends’ children to animal-free circuses like Cirque de Soleil or to visit the closest animal sanctuary. [link]
  • Prepare a disaster plan for your family that includes your companion animals. [link]
  • Quit taking animal-based hormone replacement therapy drugs (Premarin and Prempro) – and encourage your friends and relatives to do the same. [link]
  • Reduce the impact your trash has on the earth… start by reusing the other side of printer paper and by “grass-cycling” – leaving your grass on the lawn when you mow helps your grass mulch itself and spares the landfill. [link]
  • Save your spare change in a big jar and every few months take it into the bank and then write a check to a different animal protection organization whose goals you support. [link]
  • Trade out cow’s milk (or creamer) for soymilk in your morning coffee. [link]
  • Urge friends not to buy pets from breeders, but to save the life of an amazing dog or cat from the shelter or through a breed rescue group. [link]
  • Vote for politicians who support humane legislation. [link]
  • Wean yourself off meat and/or egg products by finding good, and often healthier, substitutes. [link]
  • Xerox your favorite vegetarian recipes and take with you to potlucks to hand out when people ask about your dish.[ link]
  • Yield to your concerns about mousetraps and rat bait by purchasing humane catch and release traps instead. [link]
  • Zip up your raincoat, head to the local animal shelter and join its volunteer corps so you can walk dogs on blustery days, holidays and anytime in between! [link]