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E-Books for Empathy: The Restricted Adventures of Raja app

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What is the E-BOOKS FOR EMPATHY project?

The Restricted Adventures of Raja is a groundbreaking e-book app with interactive learning to help kids practice the skills needed for empathy. Download the app now on iTunes or Google Play.


The Restricted Adventures of Raja app is designed to inspire kids to want to make the world a better place, while giving them a much-needed opportunity to practice skills related to emotional awareness, critical thinking and compassion.



  • Interactive stories told in a graphic novel format
  • Pop-up questions and fun facts to help parents and teachers lead discussions with kids
  • Discussion topics to help kids understand what characters are feeling, practice perspective-taking skills and learn about animal behavior
  • In-app games to help kids practice and test what they’ve learned
  • English and Spanish language options
  • Intended for ages 7-11




It’s the year 2050; the Earth has become a dreadful, unkind place full of angry, lonely people and animals wandering the streets with no homes. Raja, a very special warrior from another world, has been sent on a Warrior Mission... But his fate takes a sudden turn when he becomes compelled to help a lonely Earth boy. The only problem? Once Raja arrives on Earth, he discovers that he's been transformed from a brave warrior into a domestic — and fearful — Earth cat!



When you read The Restricted Adventures of Raja on a tablet device, two icons appear: a Warrior Practice icon and a Warrior Knowledge icon. The icons pop up when Raja is about to enter the portal to Earth to start his warrior mission. You can touch these icons and use the questions and information provided to help kids think critically about the characters’ emotions, behaviors and actions.

For best results, download the Quick Facilitator Guide or complete Discussion and Activity guide.

Kids Test their Warrior Practice and Knowledge with a Game


Earth, 2050. A storm is brewing...

You HAVE to get home before the storm hits at 6 pm! On your way, you will find stray animals. Choose what to do next based on the animal you see, and you will win points. You can win up to 3 points for making the best possible choice, and your new animal friend will follow you by joining your inventory.

Win bonus points by bringing animals to the emergency shelter and finding hidden items. Look for things that would be good to have in an emergency if the storm gets bad. But whatever you do, make sure you get home before the storm hits!

Teachers and parents can access kids' scores to see how they’re improving!

The Restricted Adventures of Raja is a part of the RedRover Readers Program and was written with the goal of teaching children empathy and kindness through understanding the emotions of cats and dogs. The message of this story fits seamlessly into any teaching program and aligns to the Common Core Standards and social and emotional learning goals.



DOWNLOAD LEARNING GOALS (English) (Spanish(Aligns to Common Core, Play-Based Learning and Social and Emotional Learning)
Learn more about Understanding Animal Behavior: Resources for Parents & Educators.



Kids can learn to better understand animals and be more empathetic, which means that a future with more kindness and less bullying, cruelty and neglect is within reach. You can help us create this future by making a donation today.

Yes, I want to make a donation to support E-Books for Empathy today!



The app is free to download. To download the RedRover app that contains The Restricted Adventures of Raja, for Apple devices, please click here

To download the RedRover app that contains The Restricted Adventures of Raja, for Android devices, please click here

Still have questions? Please visit RedRover Readers E-Books for Empathy FAQ.



Submitted by Jodi (not verified) on
I volunteer in a head start program. Can you recommend any age appropriate books? (Ages 4-5). It is never too young to start empathy training. Thanks

Submitted by RedRover on

Thank you for your dedication to children and promoting empathy! Our Recommended Children's Books with Humane Themes book list has a great number of titles, along with their suggested age groups. There are several books for ages 4-5 that will help build empathy!

Would you like to further help your students build empathy and compassion? There is still some time to register for our RedRover Readers Online Training Course so that you can learn to implement the RedRover Readers Program!

Learn more at or email with questions.

Submitted by Christopher (not verified) on
First, let me say that I like the idea behind this project... but... I wanted to point out something that stood-out to me that seems contrary to your goal. Above, it mentions how, if you make the "best choice" then "your new animal friend will follow you by joining your inventory." I would think it's obvious to anyone that referring to animals as "inventory" is the very opposite of what you're trying to convey. Why can't they just be and stay "Friends"? Obviously, you would agree that an animal isn't just a "thing" that you can "keep in inventory" like a book, t-shirt or toy. That's just my suggestion. I hope this project is successful. Christopher

Submitted by RedRover on

You are completely correct. Animals are friends and we do not want them to be viewed as "things."  We, too, were a bit conflicted with the word "inventory," but it is a familiar term in kids' games. In the game, the user picks up emergency items and animals to bring to the shelter, so the word "inventory" was meant for a way for users to account for all their items and animals. It was a challenge to find a word that suited both uses. We are continuing to search for a work around. We hope that this new e-book app helps promote empathy and also helps children understand animals better.

Thank you for your thoughtful attention and for bringing this up.

Submitted by John (not verified) on
Hi, My friends run a shelter in rural Mexico and incidences of neglect and abuse of dogs, etc., are frighteningly common in the area. I think the children there would greatly benefit from texts such as some of the ones you suggest, perhaps in the form of a small library where the shelter could offer the books on loan to area youth. Do you have any suggestions for books like these written in Spanish? Best, John

Submitted by RedRover on

Thank you for your dedication to animals! We are soon going to announce the publication of our first program book translated to Spanish. RedRover worked together with The Gryphon Press to translate Buddy Unchained by Daisy Bix. Be on the lookout for the official announcement Rufo liberado, the Spanish version of Buddy Unchained.

Feel free to email with additional questions.

Submitted by RedRover on

We're glad you think so!

Please feel free to visit to learn more about how RedRover has utilized humane-themed literature to teach empathy.

Submitted by Gayl Curry (not verified) on
I was wondering if you have any printable resources for Parent Educators. Here is my email Just let me know per a email. Thanks, Gayl Curry

Submitted by Sylvia Lowe (not verified) on
A Urgent need for financial Assistance for my Pet

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