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#IHeartMyPet: Pet Care Education Campaign

Each year, our RedRover Relief case managers respond to thousands of desperate pleas from pet owners – often for animals suffering from life-threatening conditions that could have been avoided through simple preventative measures. 

That's why we are excited to announce the launch of our #IHeartMyPet Care Education Campaign! Our goal is to help animal caregivers prepare for veterinary emergencies through cost-saving strategies and preventive care tips.


Our team of expert case managers and veterinary professionals will share how you can be proactive and prepared for veterinary emergencies. They will answer questions like:

“How do I know if this is an emergency?”
“How do I keep my pet safe when I’m not home?”
“How can I afford a veterinary emergency?”
“What are the most common pet illnesses?”
“How much does it cost to care for a pet?”

Read our August article: Preventing and preparing for common pet injuries

Veterinary clinics, click here to join the campaign

Take the #IHeartMyPet pledge

Show everyone how much you care about your pet by taking the #IHeartMyPet pledge to give your pet routine veterinary care.

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  1. Take a close-up picture of you and your pet.
  2. Tell everyone that you care about your pet's health! For example: I pledge to give my pet routine veterinary care because #IHeartMyPet!
  3. Be sure to tag @RedRoverOrg!

Ask your Twitter friends to sign up, too: #IHeartMyPet, so I follow @RedRoverOrg's tips for pet health! You can sign up, too:

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Find #IHeartMyPet veterinarians

Find free veterinary examinations in your state

Have your veterinary clinic listed here: To encourage people to bring their pets to a veterinarian and initiate regular, routine care for their pets, we're asking clinics to offer free exams to first-time clients. To join the #IHeartMyPet campaign and have your veterinary clinic listed here, sign up now