Sojourner Center, a Safe Housing grant recipient

Our Safe Housing grant program helps domestic violence shelters create pet housing options to allow pets and people to escape abuse together. And wow, has this program come a long way!

When we started the program in 2012, we offered grants of up to $2,000 for domestic violence shelters to build pet housing on-site at their shelter. Since then, we have not only increased the amount of funding available for shelters, but also expanded the options for how they can create pet-friendly programs.

Not every shelter is able to house pets on-site. With our grants, animal shelters can now create pet housing programs, or domestic violence shelters are able to:

  • provide housing on-site
  • create their own pet boarding program
  • partner with an animal organization to house pets offsite

Currently, domestic violence shelters and animal organizations can apply for funding of up to $20,000, but starting in October we will offer funding up to $60,000!

We are also streamlining the application process. Through one application channel, domestic violence shelters and animal organizations will be able to apply for funds to support a pet program that best fits the needs of their community. The increase in grant size will enable us to not only support some larger construction projects, but also expand the services domestic violence shelters can offer clients and their pets. This expansion will include items such as pet deposits, veterinary care, play yards, and other quality of life items, as well as behavior needs and/or training.

The deadline to apply in our next grant cycle is October 15 – spread the word! >>

Learn more about how you can support domestic violence survivors and their pets at >>