After watching the events at the United States Capitol building unfold yesterday, I believe now is a good time to reflect on our core values, what we believe to be good and right in this world, and what we will stand up for. At RedRover, we stand for respect, integrity, honesty, compassion, empathy, collaboration, persistence, positivity, and inspiring and empowering others. Our mission is to help animals in crisis and to strengthen our relationships with animals – but the lives of animals do not exist in a vacuum, and we cannot fully and effectively help animals without looking deeply at ourselves and how we treat one another. 

In our work to build a more empathetic society for all, the intersection between human injustice and animal suffering matters. And this means social justice, including racial justice, is also our cause. As of last June, RedRover has been actively seeking to better integrate animal welfare and racial justice, and by doing so, amplify our mission, do our part to solve systemic problems, bridge gaps, and help more animals and people in crisis.

My thoughts are with those suffering, suffering for so many reasons: fear, isolation, dismay, pain, grief. My hope remains that the long-standing collective grief humanity has experienced throughout the world – is still experiencing – would better teach us the central importance of connecting and supporting each other, of fighting for the rights of everyone to be treated with fairness and dignity, of rising up and embracing the most admirable aspect of humanity: our immense capacity to care. I am proud of RedRover, our staff, our Board, and our donors and volunteers who take this journey with us. For RedRover, our capacity to care is inexhaustible and relentless.

To learn more about our commitment to social justice, and specifically racial equity, click here.