Sacramento, CA (September 2, 2005) – This evening United Animal Nations (UAN) will deploy ten Northern California volunteers to Houston to bring supplies from UAN headquarters that will help establish and operate an emergency animal shelter for the hundreds, if not thousands, of animals who are pouring into Houston from New Orleans and other areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. Texas-based EARS volunteers were also activated today.

UAN has been asked by the Houston SPCA to send volunteers with its Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS) program to help run an emergency shelter for the overwhelming number of animals coming into the city.

The volunteer contingent includes a veterinarian, a wildlife rehabilitator, a zookeeper, an animal control officer, a dog trainer and several disaster response veterans. Once in Houston, the volunteers (all of whom will remain in Houston for at least a week) will assist with provision of veterinary and other basic care for animals who have been displaced by the massive hurricane.

Northern California EARS volunteers prepare to board a late-night flight to Houston, Texas for a 7-14 day deployment.


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