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Stay tuned for a brand new My Dog Is Cool website launching this summer! If you want to order fliers or participate in My Dog Is Cool, email

Every year, dogs die after being locked inside hot cars. Leaving a dog for even a couple of minutes can be a fatal mistake. Your assistance is invaluable in our effort to spread the word about how dangerous hot cars are for dogs.

Take the pledge

Make a pledge to keep your dog cool and your voice will be heard in our campaign to prevent dogs from dying in hot cars. We'll even post your photo and pledge in the "My Dog Is Cool" photo gallery!

Distribute fliers and posters

Download official "Is your dog cool?" fliers. With tips on prevention and treatment, this flier is an educational reminder that it is dangerous to leave animals unattended in a vehicle on warm days. This lifesaving flier is meant to be shared and passed along to other animal lovers. If you want to order fliers, email

Ask your local shops, supermarkets, restaurants, libraries, and other public places to help educate people about the dangers of leaving a dog in a car in the summertime by distributing "Is your dog cool?" fliers to their patrons.

You can also print the "Hot Temperature" warning sign for your local businesses to display.

Our new My Dog Is Cool message posters are now available, with important messages to explain why leaving a dog in a hot car is dangerous:

  • "You didn't leave me in here, did you?"
  • "Even with the windows cracked, I'm dying in here."
  • "When it comes to the heat, I'm not as tough as you think."

Download fliers and posters now

If you want to order fliers, email

Watch and share our video

Watch what happens to a chocolate lab left in the car on a hot day.

Please share this video on Facebook, Twitter and in email. Ask your local public television station to contact us about running our free Public Service Announcement version.

Get the Facebook Timeline Cover image

Inspire and educate your friends to keep their pets safe this summer by downloading and displaying our special My Dog Is Cool Facebook Timeline Cover image on your profile.

Link to us

Link to from your website using our "My Dog Is Cool" banners. Displaying our banner and link on your website can spread the message about how dogs and hot cars can be a deadly combination.

Contact us for more information

To discuss other ways you can help spread the word about the My Dog Is Cool campaign, contact Sharie Lesniak at