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We cannot achieve our goals of protecting animals from danger, abuse and neglect alone. Therefore, we often work with other groups to achieve victories on behalf of animals. RedRover is currently part of the following collaborative efforts:

Animal Help Now
Animal Help Now is working on ways to make it easier to report cruelty, respond to individual animals in need and find assistance for animals in need of help. 

California Animal Response Emergency System (CARES)
This state government program, administered by the California Department of Food and Agriculture, was created to work with the Office of Emergency Services to coordinate responses to animal welfare requests.

National Animal Rescue and Sheltering Coalition (NARSC)
RedRover is a founding member of this coalition of organizations dedicated to improving collaboration and standards in animal emergency response.

National Alliance of State Animal and Agricultural Emergency Programs (NASAAEP)
RedRover is involved with this important alliance between non-governmental organizations and governmental organizations that aims to improve coordination and standards in animal emergency response.

National Council for Animal Protection
This annual forum of national humane movement leaders was established by RedRover founder Belton Mouras in 1985. The mission of NCAP is to help its members achieve individual and collective goals to improve the treatment and status of all animals.

The National Link Coalition
The National Link Coalition addresses the links between animal abuse, domestic violence, child maltreatment and elder abuse.

Sheltering Animals and Families Together (SAF-T)
RedRover works with the SAF-T program to improve domestic violence shelters' capacity to house pets of victims on-site.